Brake pad replacement time for MY08 WRX

Black Betty my car now has around 108,000KM on the clock. At its last service my mechanic informed me the front brake pads need to be changed next service and the rear pads will need to be changed in the not so distant future.

I started investigating which aftermarket products are good for my WRX. Everyone had both positive and negative feedback about any given product. After much time spent with no clear answer I decided to get a quote from my local Subaru dealer for Subaru OEM pads. I was impressed by the affordable of OEM pads so I bought them then and there for the front and rear.

What I like about the OEM pads is they work well without being warmed up and they don’t produce large amounts of dust. I have alloy wheels and hate them dirty. The only negative comment about OEM pads is they fade under extreme conditions but brake fade is a non issue for me as I don’t track the car. After buying the pads I went over to Autobarn and bought a 500ml bottle of Motul 5.1 brake fluid. That should keep my mechanic busy next service.


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