New Bridgestone Adrenalin RE002 for Subaru MY08 WRX

After 40,000 plus thousand KM of use on my Bridgestone Adrenalin RE002 tyres they are at end of life with only a millimeters of tread remaining.  My last set of Bridgestone Adrenalin RE002 tyres were purchased around 14 months ago during a buy 3 get 1 free offer and I wouldn’t have been able to justify the cost without that deal. I absolutely LOVE these tyres they grip so well in all conditions. Before buying my first RE002’s I bought a set of 1/3 used RE001 and that started my passion in tyres. The tyres do also have a very nice tread appearance as shown in this photo of the tyres sitting in my garage before were fitted.



Luckily the price of these tyres have come down in price dramatically.  Now I can afford to buy all 4 tires in one go and they will cost me the same price I paid for 3 last time. Before I desisted to buy the same tyre I performed some research and found this post by RexandRegina on the WRX AU forum.


A summary of tread wear rating – lower values generally = better grip; higher values = longer tyre life.
Tyre wear ratings – these are a proxy for grip, where the number is lower the tyre will wear more quickly usually due to construction from a softer compound.
However, tread design may reduce contact area and thereby reduce dry grip but improve wet grip. Also the overall construction of the tyre will have an impact. Be aware of speed, mass and temperature ratings.
100 = the value attributed to the life of a test tire; thus a tire with a value of 200 will last twice as long as the test tire.
Value (generally lower values equal better dry grip)

30 – Kumho Ecsta V710 – Track
40 – Yokohama ADVAN 050 – Track
40 – Hankook Ventus Z214 – Track
50 – Hankook Ventus Z211 – Track
50 – Bridgestone RE55 – Track
60 – Dunlop SP Supersport Race – Track
60 – Yokohama ADVAN 048 – Track
60 – Pirelli PZero Corsa – Track
80 – Michellin Pilot Sport Cup – Track
100 – Toyo R888 (50) – Track


140 – Bridgestone Potenza RE070 – STi(old) – road
140 – Hankook RS3 – road
140 – Toyo R1R – road
140 – Federal 595RS-S – road
180 – Yokohama ADVAN 08 – road/track

180 – Bridgestone Potenza RE11 – road
180 – Yokohama ADAVAN 13c – road – EVO
180 – Kumho Ecsta XS KU36 – road


200 – Dunlop SP600 – STi current – road
200 – Hankook Ventus RS2 – road
200 – Falken RT615 – road
200 – Dunlop Sport Z1 – road


220 – Bridgestone Potenza RE02 – road
220 – Pirelli PZero Rosso/Nero – road


240 – Goodyear Eagle F1 asym- road
240 – Toyo T1 Sport – road
240 – Dunlop SP Sport Maxx
240 – Federal 595 – road


280 – Dunlop Sport 01 – WRX current – road
280 – Toyo T1R – road
280 – Hankook Ventus V12 – road
280 – Bridgestone RE050 – road
280 – Bridgestone Potenza S001 – road


300 – Bridgestone Turanza – road
300 – Falken FK452 – road
300 – Toyo Proxes 4 – road
300 – Dunlop DZ101 – road


320 – Hankook Optimo – road
320 – Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31 – road


420 – Hankook Ventus V4 – road


440 – Kumho Solus KU17- road


Datasource: Tirerack and manufacturers.


Before placing my order the tyre shop informed me that they didn’t have any stock of the RE002 and perhaps I wanted buy the S001 instead. I read the post and found the S001 is as grippy as the current WRX tyre which isn’t as grippy as the RE001. So I inform them I wasn’t interested and to order in the RE002. They told me that they are on back-order and there is only 2 in the country. Its been 2 weeks since I ordered them and I’m still waiting. But the RE002’s are worth the wait.

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  1. I was looking to replace all 4 Yokohama S.Drive with new RE002 on my Evolution IX. But now I’m a bit confused between Soo1 & RE002. Which would be better in Dry and Wet also more durable? What’s your opinion my friend?

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