Remove Symantec Endpoint Protection with CleanWipe

Within Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) schools also known as Victorian Government schools we run Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) for our Anti-Virus program.

Our schools were recently informed to upgrade SEP 12.1 RU1 from SEP 11. I installed the upgrade onto one of my Windows 2008 R2 servers at work and found a bug which enables all network interfaces, including disabled ones at boot. This was rather annoying as some of my servers have up to 4 network interfaces of which not all are used and need to remain disabled. For more information on the bug visit the Symantec website

I was informed by a technician at DEECD that the bug was resolved in SEP 12.1 RU1 MP1. The 32bit version of the patch applied without issue but when I applied the 64bit patch I ran into mayor issues after reboot. I seemed that the patch failed to apply and now windows has SEP listed in the installed programs list twice. I was unable to remove either version of SEP.

I contacted Symantec and created a case where I requested CleanWipe. Less than 24 hours later I was contact by Symantec and provided with a username and password to download cleanwipe from

You can download version 12.1.2015.2015 of CleanWipe from my web site if you wish, click HERE or HERE (Google Drive) to start Download. The password for the zip is symantec.

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  1. Thanks!! Had SEP 12.1 cause our Windows Server 2012 install to blue screen (and boy is it a pretty blue screen). Of course booting in safe mode won’t allow the Windows Installer Service to run so you can’t uninstall and even though we pay for Symantec “support” I’d rather put my fingers in a meat grinder than call them! We had an older version of CleanWipe but it didn’t work against 12.1. You saved us a lot of time, thanks for posting it!


  2. I am try to remove the symantec end point protection version 12.1.2015.2015 , but I cannot because I do not know the password to complete the uninstallation process.

  3. Thank You for Posting This. Symantec is so dumb to not make this a download.

    It’s also on the install CD, however when you don’t have it handy, your site came in handy.

    Have a GREAT Week!!!

    Keep Smiling!!!

  4. I just used CleanWipe to remove a failed install of SEP 12.1.1000.157 client to a new Windows Server 2012 R-2 build. The install crapped out because of incompatibility, but then I could not open the client to turn off tamper protection, or shut down Symantec services to attempt a manual uninstall (which I was NOT looking forward to!) Since this was a test server, I had nothing to lose. CleanWipe began uninstalling, auto rebooted, and continued after reboot. It completely removed the old SEP and Live update, and allowed me to install Symantec.Cloud. Thanks for post!

  5. Dear I need the version 12.1.2100.2093. because I have an error stated that Cleanwipe version is older than the product.

    • Hi there, I download cleanwipe but was not compatible for 12.1.2100.2093. Error: Detected product has higher version number(12.1.2100.2093) than CleanWipe(12.1.2015.2015). Please contact support to obtain updated version of CleanWipe.


  6. Hi,

    Please share clean wipe to uninstall latest version of clean wipe for SEP 12.1.4.,Its very urgent to me.

    Thank you.

    Bhaskar B

  7. Thanks mate! You are the man. Screw Symantec for making the cleanwipe tool a ‘contact for download’ tool. That’s bullshit. I have had so much trouble with uninstalling SEP over the years. They are not a moral company although I didn’t find SEP/SEPM to be such a bad product. Symantec do themselves a disservice.

  8. Thanks.
    My Endpoint protection wasn’t present on “uninstall programms” but it started with Windows ..

    Your tools remove it. Very good job.


  9. I know I’m not the first to say this, but you are a superstar! Thank you so much!

    One of our clients had Symantec Endpoint installed, (by his previous IT support company) and he didn’t have the original install media, and I struggled for days trying to get rid of the app. Uninstalling using msiexec would work and it didn’t appear in the add/remove programs list, and I’d almost given up when I found your page.

    Seriously, thanks a million. I can’t say life saver, but you are almost certainly a job saver… My job!

    Note to everyone else: I scanned the download file with MS Essentials AND Sophos, (on a different machine) and they both reported it as being safe.

  10. Hi, I downloaded the file but when going for the installation, it says FATAL ERROR and Cleanwipe cannot get installed


  11. Thank you very much !!! It saved me a lot of time , I have the original software , but the firewall started to messing around after live update … so had to take it out of one of the PC’s … saved me a day actually.

  12. Thanks for putting this online! Symantec Endpoint Protection was stopping my computer from copying video files with an autorun.inf file from a security camera to my computer. My boss was rushing me and asking me why I couldn’t copy those files, and I was very frustrated that Windows couldn’t uninstall the program for some reason. Thanks to your post, I uninstalled SEP and I can download those files smoothly now. It was Symantec’s SEP that messing me up all along, like a very hard to delete virus. I’m so glad I got rid of it. Thanks again for your help. Have to get back to work now.

  13. It got me very excited but then turned out this version doesnt work for me :( Does anyone have CLEANWIPE version compatible with SEP 12.1.4103.4013 please!!!!!

  14. Great tool, Thanks a bunch. I wondered why the Government was moving away from Symantec. You should not have to have to open a case to remove a piece of software that is not supported any more. Thanks again.

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